Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Weeks Old

She weighs about 7 lbs now (unofficially).  She still sleeps most of the time but she is starting to be more awake at night, which is (not) awesome!

I couldn't remember the last time we bathed her, so into the tub she went!  This was the first time in this tub.  We used the bath cushion before this in the kitchen and she was usually pretty calm (where Autumn would scream) and if she did start screaming she would stop once I started rinsing her hair using the sprayer from the sink.  She really seemed to enjoy that feeling.

Big Sister washes her hair each time and then got to brush it after she was dry.  Seems like Big Sister needed a hair brush as well!

This picture makes me laugh. 

We nurse a bunch but also supplement with 2 oz of formula about 3 times a day. Once in the morning after she's cluster fed in the early hours of the morning, once in the afternoon or evening and then once when Daddy has her between 10pm and 2 or 3am while I sleep.  She is just recently accepting the pacifier and it seems to help soothe her for a little while.  She sleeps really well in her cushy bouncy seat still, which is nice to be able to put her down. 

Last Friday I took her to get her hip sonogram.  It started raining when we got to the parking lot and was pouring when we left an hour later.  All my extremities got soaked and I managed to tip the umbrella in just the right way to dump water on the side of her car seat as I was trying to put her in the car. She did really well during the ultrasound. When the radiologist had looked at her scans she told me that although they'd prefer the scans to be done when the child is 2 months old, it appears that her hips are within normal limits for her developmental age.  She said that they'd like for the hip socket to cover at least 50% of the ball and she could see that it was more like 40% but that was fine for her age.  I was also told that we'd probably be sent back at 2 months to have it rescanned, but when her pediatrician's nurse called with the results they said they were satisfied with these results.  I think I'll check again at her two month appointment.

Sarah growls a lot.  We're not sure if it is gas (which she has been having lots of problems with) or if she's just noisy.  Richard said that it is like listening to 5 different Star Wars characters when she's trying to go to sleep.  And she snores, too!

She has a blocked tear duct in her right eye for sure. I'm thinking that her left is also partially blocked.  I do the duct massages and we also have her on ointment.  I guess it's the same stuff that they put on the baby's eyes right after they are born.  Both Autumn and I had blocked tear ducts, so she is one of us!

That's about all for now!

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